“Everyone is allowed to make the most of lifetime or waste it”

Jaroslaw Gronert is an astrologer since 1986. His teacher Leszek Weres founded Polish school of astrology. Gronert has been teaching about arkans since 1990. He holds courses in: Lodz, Warsaw, Poznan, Cracow, Szczecin, Katowice, Wroclaw, Rzeszow, Kalisz, Radom, Gdansk, Gorzow Wielkopolski, Wisla. Being a teacher is accurate described by 5. Libra’s sabian rank for his Sun of birth: The man who shows the basis of intrinsic knowledge to his students, which can be used to create a “New World”. He has published three books already: “Astrology from the beginning”, Cosmic Strategy” and “On The Cusp of History”.